dennis is a command line tool for translating and linting .po files.

It includes the following subcommands:

  • lint: Lints .po files for problems including errors that can cause your production system to crash.

    The system allows for defining other variable formats.

  • status: Get a high-level status of a .po file including a list of unstranslated strings.

  • translate: Translates strings in .po files into something else! Comes with an HTML extractor (tokenizes strings so that only the text is translated) and a bunch of translations like Pirate!. This is helpful for l10n testing, development, finding unicode/layout problems, amazing your friends, hilarious April 1st shenanigans, etc.

    The system allows for other translators and extractors using a loosely coupled pipeline.

    This also works on strings passed in as command line arguments and as stdin—it doesn’t have to be a .po file or in a .po format. Dennis uses dennis to translate all dennis commit messages into Pirate!. That’s how cool dennis is!

Quick start


$ pip install dennis
$ pip install blessings  # Optional for prettier output

Lint a .po file for problems:

$ dennis-cmd lint locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po

Lint all your .po files for errors:

$ dennis-cmd lint --errorsonly locale/

Translate a .po file in place into Pirate!:

$ dennis-cmd translate --pipeline=html,pirate \

Get help:

$ dennis-cmd

Project details

Issue tracker:
License:BSD 3-clause; see LICENSE file

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